Never Forget … Who Helped You Along The Way

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Hebrews 13:7

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.


As the Apostle closed this letter to the Hebrew Christians, he encouraged them to REMEMBER the leaders who had taught them, and how they lived. He told them to imitate their faith.


Today, as I read this passage, I thought of three great leaders who impacted me for the entirety of my life so far. Of course they’re all in heaven now. I didn’t realize when I was young and watching them and emulating them that they would have a lasting effect on my life, but they have. One was my Father, John. Dad taught me how to LOVE God. My father truly loved Jesus. That’s what he taught me, and I NEVER saw him yield that love of God EVER! Then there was Father Fulton, my father-in-law. Pop taught me how to love Jesus’ church. I never knew a man who loved the “House” of the Lord like Pop did. Finally, Friend Glen. Pastor Glen Cole mentored me as a young Pastor and taught me how to live and preach faith and an overcoming approach to everything. He taught me that we truly are more than conquerors through the power of Jesus. Well, I’ve endeavored to live like them, and in every situation their example has pulled me through. “Never Forget … Who Helped You Along The Way!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for placing such wonderful examples in my path to help lead me to where I am today. I’ll never forget them. Amen

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