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Psalm 119:36

Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.


King David was a sovereign. He was a monarch and any other word that can be used to describe a benevolent dictator. This simply meant that everything within the country was his, including what people thought might be theirs. So the idea that he could have a selfish desire for gain is unusual here. Yet that is what he prays about. His heart’s desire was that his heart would be turned toward the Lord’s commands and not toward selfish gain. If you could have asked David, “What is your prayer desire?” He would have said, “This is My Prayer.”


I pray about a lot of things, and I’m sure you do as well. However, as I was considering what my greatest desiring prayer is, it struck me that this is “My Prayer” too. Many would say their favorite prayer is the prayer of Jabez. Others would say their favorite prayer is the 23rd Psalm or the Lord’s Prayer. But this simple prayer from David is “My Prayer.” Lord, help me to lay my personal desires in prayer aside and help me to yearn for in my heart and run toward your commands for my life. I want to love your Law in the way David talks about. I want to love what You want for me and not what I want for myself. Help me to be a generous man and not a selfish man and help me to love Your statutes! This is “My Prayer.”


Dear Jesus,

I want King David’s prayer to be “My Prayer,” today and every day. Amen


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