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Psalm 106:35

But they mingled with the nations and adopted their customs.


The Psalmist describes times in Israel’s history where instead of obeying the Lord by destroying an enemy, they would let them live and then they would MINGLE among them. The problem with “MINGLING” is that Israel didn’t influence their captives. Instead they adopted the heathen practices of the people they had defeated.


You and I who are “Followers Of Jesus” are the influencers. The only reason we are called to MINGLE with people who lack faith in God to influence them toward faith in Jesus. If our ultimate goal is not to influence them for Jesus, then it turns to MINGLING. When that happens, we’ve now lost our influence and given into someone who believes nothing. I’m with people who lack faith all the time, however I’m with them to bless them and lead them to God. I’m happy to MINGLE, but please count me out if it’s only for MINGLING!


Dear Jesus,

Help me be a good influencer for Your cause and not my own. You paid the price for my eternal life, and the primary joy for me is influencing people for YOU! Amen

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