Marvel Has Nothing On Our God!

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Psalm 104:3b

He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.


When David got a glimpse in his mind’s eye of how great our God is, he tried to reveal what he saw in this chapter. In this verse, David said of the Lord that He makes the Clouds become His Chariot and then Rides on the “Wings of the Wind!”


Sometimes it appears that all of society is in search of a super hero. The Marvel Comic heroes are bigger than life and are able to do feats of strength that defy not only logic, but the earth’s gravitational pull. And the bad guys always lose to these super, bigger than life heroes. Perhaps in recent days you have lost sight of just how great our God is. Try to close your eyes and imagine what David saw. He saw a picture of our God, and He was bigger than the biggest cloud expanse on a sunny day. The giant cloud expanse had formed into a chariot that our God was riding in. What carried our God in that chariot of clouds was the “Wings of the Wind!” Can you imagine?!! Our God doesn’t take on other bad super heroes. NO! He’s bigger than that. He takes on whole nations and evil philosophies and cancer. He defeats it all. He raised dead people back to life. He can do it all. Here’s the truth: “Marvel Has Nothing On Our God!” And guess what? The bad guys always lose in the end.


Dear Jesus,

Today I want to praise Your name that You’re so BIG. You’re incomparable to any little real or made up hero on this side of heaven. I’m glad You have me in the palm of Your hand. Amen

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