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Psalm 10:4

In his pride the wicked man does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.


As the writer of the Psalms considers the earthly rebel, he states clearly that there is no desire on the wicked man’s daily agenda to seek the Lord. Furthermore, he said the rebel has no intent to ever “Make Room For Jesus.”


How is it that mortal man has a propensity to “X” God out of his daily plans for living? Certainly the delicate balance of the earth and universe, and one’s own mind, is an indication that more is happening here than one man can possibly comprehend. Why then, does this man turn to other men for answers to the blank spaces that fill his heart and mind? How is it that he makes NO ROOM for Jesus? The writer states it clearly. It is this man’s PRIDE that keeps him from yielding to Jesus. It has been said that EGO is an acrostic for “Edging God Out.” The same EGO that drove Eve to question God, and then disobey God, is the same PRIDE that influences men and women today to leave Jesus out. But those who are wise will win in the end, because they will always “Make Room For Jesus.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m starting my day with a completely open heart and mind to You and Your will! Amen

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