Like Father Like Son

S. O. A. P.

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John 8:58

“Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”


Jesus had gone to the Feast of Tabernacles quite late and slipped up to the temple so as not to be recognized. But how can you hide Jesus? He began to teach those who were present and told them that before Abraham was, “I Am!”


Jesus, in this passage of scripture, proves this one point: “Like Father, Like Son.” When God gave Moses the directive to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the children of Israel go, Moses asked the Lord, “Who shall I say sent me?” Immediately, the Lord responded to Moses, “Tell him I am that I Am, hath sent you.” Now hundreds upon hundreds of years later, Jesus answers the Jews when they asked Him if He had seen Abraham, “Before Abraham was, ‘I Am!” The truth is, God is a very right now, present help in times of trouble to His people. He is a PRESENT HELP. That’s why He refers to Himself as “I AM!” Whatever you may be challenged with today, remember the God you serve is known as “I Am!” He’s here with us right now. In this chapter, Jesus had been arguing with these Jewish questioners that He was the “Son of God.” But nothing proves it more than the fact that He referred to Himself as “I Am!” There’s no other conclusion one can honestly arrive at but to say, “Like Father Like Son.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that You are the Son of God. Thank You that this faith upon which we stand is real, yesterday, today, and forever. Amen

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