Let’s Make It Right

S. O. A. P.

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Numbers 5:7b

They must make full restitution for the wrong they have done, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the person they have wronged.


In the Jewish tradition and law, when a person wronged another person, they had to make restitution. That meant that they had to go to the person and confess what they had done. Then, of course, the wrong or debt had to be repaid. Not only did the wrong have to be repaid, but a fifth of the total wrong had to be added as interest to the restitution amount. If the person who had been wronged had died and had no living relative, the wrong could be repaid to, the person who had done the wrong would have to make restitution to the Lord. That meant they would have to go to the priest and make restitution to him.


I dare say that if this Old Testament heavenly directive were in effect today, there would be far less fraud and folks ripping others off. Yet, as “Followers Of Jesus,” shouldn’t we still make it right? I mean, if for some reason a spirit of competition or jealousy should overtake one of us, wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to go to the person and make things right? There will always be that part of us that wants to justify wrongs committed against a brother or a sister. However, at the end of the day, we’re Christian. Because we are, we have no other option in the matter. “Let’s Make It Right!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You today for the conviction of the Holy Spirit that You have brought to me throughout the years whenever I have wronged a fellow human. It has been in those times that, with Your help, I have been given strength to do the right thing. Amen

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