Leading With Pain

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2 Kings 15:3

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father Amaziah had done.


This scripture is speaking of King Azariah of Judah. The Bible says he reigned in Jerusalem for fifty-two years! He began his reign of leadership at the age of sixteen.  His reign could be summed up with these three words, “Leading With Pain.”


Azariah was also known in scripture by his familiar name, Uzziah. He was prosperous, as was Judah, during the fifty-two years he led. The tough part is that during the last eleven years of his reign the nation was turned over to his son, Jotham, because Azariah was ill. God struck Uzziah/Azariah with leprosy when he acted as a priest and offered sacrifices disallowed by God. He was then placed in a separate house because of his deadly and contagious disease. I can imagine his son would come and sit outside the house daily and speak with his father, asking for direction. No doubt Uzziah became accustomed to “Leading With Pain.” I am well aware that people from outside my country read these daily posts. However, today is a national holiday in the USA. It’s a day we celebrate our freedom. Men and women who live free are a result of many through the years who have led with pain. Yes, Uzziah made a terrible mistake, yet Judah continued to prosper even after his death because of a wonderful son he had raised. Today, instead of acknowledging each of our mistakes, let’s instead thank God for the many men and women in our nation’s history who were accustomed to “Leading With Pain.”


Dear Jesus,

On this Freedom morning I want to thank You for the many folks who have gone on before me who led with pain. May I be willing to do the same. Amen

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