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Jeremiah 14:7

Although our sins testify against us, do something, Lord, for the sake of your name. For we have often rebelled; we have sinned against you.


Jeremiah was known in Scripture as “The Weeping Prophet.” Few Prophets ever prayed and wept before God for the people they represented as Jeremiah did. Here he speaks as though he has been as sinful as the rebellious people of Judah. There was no reason to forgive such them other than for the sake of God’s own name.


Jeremiah was such an interceder before the Lord that here we see him confess the sins of his own people as if he himself had fallen prey to such sin. This is the heart of a true intercessor. Jeremiah was approaching God with his soul bared before the Lord. He held nothing back from the Lord. It was almost as if he was laying his own life on the line in place of their sin and certain punishment. I suppose the question we “Followers Of Jesus” must ask ourselves is simply this, “What lengths am I willing to stretch to in order to intercede for lost friends and acquaintances, regardless of what they may be guilty of?” It doesn’t matter whether or not God will forgive or send judgement. What matters is if you and I are willing to “Keep Interceding.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m going to “Keep Interceding” for people who need You no matter what the outcome may be. I know what I must do, and with Your help I will be faithful. Amen

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