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Judges 5: 31

“So may all your enemies perish, Lord! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years.


This is the final line in the Song of Deborah, after she had led Israel to victory over Sisera, the King of the Canaanites. This one woman had tried to give the authority of the battle over to her assistant, Barak, but he said, “No, if you don’t go I’m not going.” She told him that if she went into battle she would get the credit and not him. He gladly handed military authority over to “Just ONE Woman.”


To be sure, Barak did most of the “heavy lifting” as far as leading the armies of Israel against the Canaanite aggressors. But just like she warned Barak, history has given General Deborah credit for the win. In the end, she praised the one true God of all the ages and made a powerful request. She said, “May all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength!” I believe the reason God used this woman was because she was one of the only ones in the nation of Israel who still truly feared the Lord. She wanted others just like her to fear the Lord as well. Because of it she prayed a blessing over those who really LOVED the Lord, and in the end Israel enjoyed 40 years of peace under the leadership of this godly woman. I hope every woman reading this right now will feel the same way Deborah did. She wanted Jesus adored and served on her watch. And … that’s exactly what happened. In this case, all the Lord needed was “Just ONE Woman.”


Dear Jesus,

My prayer this AM is that women of God from every corner of the world would accept the “Deborah Anointing” on their lives. When they do, I believe they will help her bring the devil down! Amen

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