Just Like He Said He Would

S. O. A. P.

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Matthew 28:6a

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.


These are the words of the angel that the three Marys encountered when they went to anoint the dead body of our Lord on Resurrection morning. They couldn’t find Him, and the angel said to the women, “He is not here, He has risen, Just Like He Said He Would.”


I’ve got to tell you, these are some of the greatest words in all the Bible. In Mark 8:31, Jesus told His disciples that He would be crucified and after three days would resurrect from the grave. But I’m sure the people listening were like, “Ok, well that will be great!” Then they probably walked away and said … SERIOUSLY? But now it was Resurrection morning and the women could not find the body of the Lord. An angel said, “He’s not here; He has risen!” Those words are life to all of us who believe in and follow Jesus. Without those words we are hopeless people. We would just be following a philosophical persuasion, not a living Savior and Lord. But the truth is, this AM and every AM, Jesus has risen, “Just Like He Said He Would!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful this AM that You kept Your promise. You didn’t stay in that tomb, You arose “Just Like You Said You Would.” Amen

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