Just Come Home

S. O. A. P.

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Ezekiel 14:11b

“They will be my people, and I will be their God, declares the Sovereign Lord.”


These words from the sovereign Lord through Ezekiel reveal “God’s Heart.” Ezekiel could not have prophesied at a more difficult time in Judah’s history. The people had strayed from the Lord Almighty, and these were, and remain to this day, the people of God. Yet even in the midst of false prophets who were prophesying that Israel would have a long season of peace, the Lord said, “There’s coming a day when I know that you will be my people and I will be your God.” That is, and forever shall be, “The Heart Of God.”


I think if God could hang a banner on Heaven’s entrance, it would simply say, “Just Come Home!” My wife and I have that banner out all the time for our children and their families. But it’s a different banner for us. Fortunately, our kids are all “Jesus People” and have a like mind when it comes to faith. For us, it’s “come hang out.” It’s not, “Hey, you’re all messed up, you’re living like the devil himself, just come home!” NO! Fortunately for us, it’s not that kind of banner hung on the front entrance to the house for the rebel child. Every human on earth has been made in the image of God and bears the imago Dei in their life. Unfortunately, many of them are running from the God who loves them the most. It’s to that group of people in every nation that Jesus is saying today, “Just Come Home.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for this reminder today, that no matter how wayward any of us become You desire that we would be Your people and that You would be our God! I’ve dedicated my life to reminding people of Your banner that says, “Just Come Home.” Amen

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