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Acts 13:51

So they shook the dust off their feet as a warning to them and went to Iconium.


Paul and Barnabas had been preaching and teaching in Antioch and were so successful that it caused the Jewish leaders to become jealous of them. They stirred up anger in the crowd and had Paul and Barnabas expelled from the region. At that point, Paul and Barnabas “shook the dust off of their feet” as a warning and moved on to the next place to preach.


In Matthew 10:14-15, Jesus told His disciples and all of us today who follow Him how to handle rejection. He said that when you go into a new area and you are rejected by them, “shake the dust off of your feet” and move on to someone else. He then told them that judgment would come to anyone or any community that rejected the Good News of Jesus. This is why Paul and Barnabas did what they did. They didn’t want to carry that rejection to the next town. They “shook off the dust from their feet” as a warning, because evidently, the people of the town knew that God would be displeased with them for rejecting the gospel. Paul and Barnabas were “Just Being Obedient” to the Lord by doing what they did. All of us, as Followers of Jesus, want to change the world in a positive way. But more than anything else Jesus wants His followers to “Just Be Obedient.”


Dear Jesus,

Today, with all of my heart, I want to be an Obedient Follower of Jesus. Yes, I want to change the world, but I can’t do any of that if I’m not obedient. Please help me today. Amen

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