It’s Easy To Cast Stones

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Job 4:6

Should not your piety be your confidence and your blameless ways your hope?


You probably know that Job had been dealt a terrible blow to his life. He was sitting at this point horribly diseased by boils from head to toe. His wife had told Job to “Curse God and die,” and now his “friends” began to berate him. In this exchange Eliphaz, in a very cynical way, said, “Well Job, I thought you had it all together, but it seems now that you were only trusting God because of your tremendous success.”


Not everything these three friends said was mean or caustic or inappropriate, but this is a low blow to me. It stands to reason that when someone has lost just about everything in their life in a day, including their ten children in an accident, one should come to speak life and encouragement to their friend. However, these three guys, Eliphaz in particular, evidently came to pontificate as Job sat listening while he scraped his boils with a broken piece of pottery. When people are hurting, I believe we have one of two choices. One choice is to come to them in their hour of hurt and pain and encourage them in the Lord and testify of Jesus’ unfailing love. Or second, we can go to them and tell them why they’re in the mess they’re in. I’ve seen so many choose the latter in six decades of living. The truth is, “It’s Easy To Cast Stones.” Yet in times of challenge, what people need is a friend who arrives to save, heal, and deliver them from their challenge. His name is Jesus, and if you let Him, He will fill you to bless the broken!


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for always reminding me that I have not been born into this planet to build a name for myself. I have been placed here as your emissary to help folks in their times of despair. Because I know “It’s Easy To Cast Stones.” Amen

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