Is That Day Here Yet?

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Isaiah 17:7

In that day people will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.


Isaiah, the Prophet of God, saw a day coming when Israel, after being totally ravaged by their enemies as a result of their own waywardness from God, would finally turn their eyes back on their Maker.


Verses like this always cause me to turn my eyes homeward. I usually leave the context of the day in which the prophecy was originally made and look at how it affects us today in our own setting. As I look at how my own homeland has been ravaged by sin and a turning from God in my lifetime, I can only wonder what it will take for “That Day” that Isaiah prophesied to finally come to my own country. I pray! You pray! The CHURCH says it prays, yet the state of our nation is hanging in the balance. This is not just the writing of a church elder standing on the sidelines throwing rocks! No! My family and I are still in the middle of the battle. And … we will not quit! However, I long to see the pendulum begin to swing back in the direction of REVIVAL. So today I’m asking the Lord, “Is That Day Here Yet?”


Dear Jesus,

I’m praying this AM for “That Day” to come quickly. I’m praying that I, along with my friend, will live to witness a nationwide revival swing back to the column known as “RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Please, Jesus. Amen

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One thought on “Is That Day Here Yet?

  1. It is the same here in Canada both our countries are in bad shape towards our God .I want to thank you for continuing His work .It certainly helps to make my day.God bless you.