In The Middle Of A Mess

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 138:7a

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life.


Here is the mighty King David acknowledging that His God is with him all the time, every time. He said that even when he is in “The Middle Of A Mess,” Jesus still preserves his life and see’s him through the trouble.


I’m pretty sure that few people in history were ever in more troubling situations than David. Time and time again, when it seemed that there was no way out, the Lord delivered him. To be honest, the stories are so mind boggling that you would affirm on a stack of Bibles that David was certainly the first “Action Hero” in history. How does that strike you? It makes me feel like if God did it for David, He can surely do it for me. He’ll always preserve our life when we put our trust in Him.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that whenever I’m “In The Middle Of A Mess,” You’re always there to preserve my life. Amen

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