In Praise Of Female Saints

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Luke 8:3b

These women were helping to support them out of their own means.


Luke, the author of this gospel, tells us that there were three women who traveled with Jesus and the apostles. With their own personal earnings they helped to finance the ministry of our Lord. Their names were Mary Magdalene (Jesus had cast out demons from her life), Joanna—the wife of the man who managed the household of Herod, and Susanna. The scripture says, “And many others.”


This short post is dedicated “In Praise Of Female Saints.” Throughout the history of people’s practice of faith, no one has given more allegiance, notoriety, and gratefulness to “Female Saints” than our Lord and Savior Jesus. At this time, so many women, even in my own country, have been used and abused by men. This never was the case with Jesus. He saw them as His associates in ministry and never stood above them. In my own world, I have been surrounded by so many godly women that I couldn’t help but win in what God has called me to do. From my dear grandmother Lula on mom’s side, who taught me scripture as a 6-year-old, to mom (Bonnie), to my beloved wife Robyn, to my wonderful daughters-in-love, to our fantastic female associate pastors on our Trinity staff in Miami, to the countless women of God who PRAY and WORK and GIVE, there would be no ministry on my end without them. How I thank God for “Female Saints” who go beyond the call of duty to reach people around the world every day with the GOOD NEWS!


Dear Jesus,

Today I thank You as never before for the wonderful “Female Saints” You have placed in my path through the years. Without these godly women, there is no Christian faith. Thank You for so many who have given their lives on behalf of You, my Lord. Amen

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