I Want GOD’S Word!

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2 Samuel 23:2

“The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me; his word was on my tongue.”


King David, at the end of his life, reports what most of us already believe. He says that the Spirit of God spoke through him so that it became his passion and pursuit to always say, “I Want GOD’S Word!”


It only takes a couple of hours to read through the entire book of Psalms. Yet I always feel like it took a lifetime for David to write them. Whenever I read any of David’s writing, I think to myself that he must have been in continual discussion with the Lord. However, we know that wasn’t true. He fought wars for days on end. He had wives and concubines and kids and an army and leaders and associates he was always communicating with and that took up his time. In fact, when you consider the time constraints put on a man of his importance and influence, one wonders when he had time for God at all. But don’t kid yourself! David was a man after God’s own heart and yearned always for His Lord. I can tell you that I feel that there is always a Word on my tongue going forth towards heaven, all the time. Because of this I can say with a humble heart, “I Want GOD’S Word!”


Dear Jesus,

Touch my tongue today so that when I speak it will be Your Word. “I Want GOD’S Word!” Amen

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One thought on “I Want GOD’S Word!

  1. Good Word. It reminds me that David was a remarkable leader who took time to honor God, write the psalms, and worship God. He was not perfect and neither am I, but the least that I can do is read and cherish God’s Word and let it transform me daily.