I Really Want To Be With You

S. O. A. P.

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1 Kings 6:13

“And I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel.”


This was a promise made to King Solomon by the Almighty, but it was conditional. God told the King as he prepared to build the temple that if Solomon and his people, the Israelites, would live according to God’s commands, that He, God, would fulfill the promise He had made to Solomon’s father David. He also said, “I will live among you!”


If there is a central message that God has always shared from the entirety of Scripture to all people everywhere, it would be, “I Really Want To Be With You!” Seriously, that is the heart of God. However, our great God is HOLY and therefore cannot tolerate hearts turned against Him in a continual way. It’s true that all of us fail at one time or another, and certainly many times. But a heart turned against the Lord is an entirely different subject. When whole nations turn against Him, that is something that His holiness cannot embrace. So yes, God’s desire is conditional in as much as He is holy; yet if we will but turn our hearts to Jesus, His Word to us today is, “I Really Want To Be With You!”


Dear Jesus,

I know this AM that I have failed You many times, but truly it is not in my waking thoughts to turn against You. Please know that, “I Really Want To Be With You TOO!” Amen

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