I Can’t Stand To Win!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Luke 21:19

“Stand firm, and you will win life.”


Not long before Jesus was to be crucified, He sat down with His disciples to discuss what it would look like at the time of the end. He described how desperate the earth would look, especially in that region of the world. Then He said, “You will be fine, just make sure you stand firm and you will win life!”


Every season has its trials. Certainly every disciple who heard Jesus’ direct words that day assumed the end would be just around the corner. The truth is, “The End” has always been just around the corner for more than two thousand years, and many say, “I Can’t Stand To Win!” But today Jesus’ response would still be the same. If you want to WIN LIFE, you will have to STAND FIRM! History is filled with stories of men and women, who, while on their watch, did exploits for the Lord against all odds simply because they STOOD FIRM. Every challenge you and I will ever face will be a test to see if we will stand firm to win life, or instead say, “I Can’t Stand To Win!” Hopefully our response will always be, I’m ready to “Stand Firm To Win Life!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m ready Lord. I’m never sure if my feet are in cement in a matter until the test comes, but this AM I’m ready to “Stand Firm So I Can Win Life!” Amen

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