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1 Samuel 24:13

As the old saying goes, “From evildoers come evil deeds,” so my hand will not touch you.


These are the words of David, who was not yet king but had been anointed to fill the position once Saul was dead. David refused to lay his hand upon the anointed one of God. David had a chance to kill Saul, the king of Israel, who was pursuing and trying to kill him. But David refused to touch him when he had the chance and told Saul, “From evildoers come evil deeds. But I myself will never lay even a hand upon you.”


No one is quite sure where this old saying came from that David was referencing, but, “Here’s to OLD SAYINGS!” Seriously, wisdom that is passed down from our forefathers is often much more useful in life than human discoveries that are purported to make life easier. Remember when the computer was introduced, and we were told that it would make life so much easier. Perhaps it has, but I can also tell you this: everyone on the planet appears to know whatever they want to know about you. The idea of privacy is a thing of the past. But life is so much easier??? Right?? Maybe not. I can tell you one thing that still holds true. “From evildoers comes evil deeds.” That line, wherever it came from to begin with, is in the Bible and is at least three thousand years old. The new is good, but “Here’s To OLD SAYINGS!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful for all the new innovations, but I’m even more thankful for the ways of history that You set in place that work today, or any day past and future! I love that You’re the same, yesterday, today, and forever! Amen

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