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Proverbs 10:9

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.


Solomon the wise man said that if you will walk with INTEGRITY (complete honesty), you will walk in TOTAL SECURITY. If, however, a person chooses a crooked lifestyle, that person will ALWAYS be found out.


I’ve known a number of men and women in my life who walked with INTEGRITY. So much so that I wanted to be just like them. Not the least of these was my own father. There’s no way in the world that I have ever been as honest and loving as my dear father was, and he certainly was my personal mark for how I wanted to live. Whenever I messed up I would think, and even think now, “Dad would have never done that.” I’ve always thanked the Lord for such a role model. Whenever I think of my late Dad now I always think to myself, “Here’s How To Be TOTALLY SECURE.” He never had to retrace his steps because he walked a straight line, not a crooked one. Both you and I can decide today to be TOTALLY SECURE, but it will mean choosing to walk a straight line for Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

It’s still my desire to walk a straight path for others to follow. Not one that leaves others feeling condemned, but one that leaves people with a true mark to follow. Amen

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2 thoughts on “Here’s How To Be TOTALLY SECURE

  1. Richie your Dad was the best ever! I know he’s in Heaven looking down at you smiling and thrilled to see how your witnessing showing people Gods love and the way to salvation.May God continue to Bless you and your lovely wife Robyn and your entire family! You & your family are in my daily prayers. Say Hi to your Wonderful mom from me! Your friend, Adrienne