He Loves The STRAYS

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Matthew 18:14

In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.


Jesus had just finished a lengthy discourse on becoming like a little child in order to enter heaven. He was speaking of childlike faith. He then went on to warn against causing a little one to stumble in their faith, and finally, He finished with the parable of the wandering sheep. He said that a shepherd would leave his ninety and nine sheep to go after the ONE that strays. Jesus said that’s the way our Heavenly Father is, who doesn’t want one little child to be lost, because “He Loves The STRAYS.”


The one thing I believe all “Followers of Jesus” can say when speaking of our loving Heavenly Father is, “He Loves The Strays.” In a world that champions the survival of the fittest, our God loves the one who can’t seem to keep up. He loves the one who doesn’t fit in. He loves the one who others reject. He loves the one who doesn’t love Him. He loves the one who doesn’t have all their mental faculties in order. He loves the one who willfully walked away. He loves the one who everyone calls “That Guy.” He loves the one in jail for bad stuff. He loves the one who is dangerous to be around. And it’s all because “He Loves The STRAYS.” The biggest conundrum to me is that HE Loves me.


Dear Jesus,

I thank You this AM that You love the strays. I thank You most of all that You love me! Amen


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