He Did It Hoping

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Romans 5:8

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


This is the story of Jesus going first. While we were still in the heat of our sinning, Jesus went ahead and died for us hoping that we would reciprocate by yielding our lives in love back to Him. The scripture says this is the way God demonstrates His love for us.


I think the power of this passage is that when humankind was absolutely buried by sin and without a pathway out, Jesus came to this earth from His heavenly abode and died for us! “He Did It Hoping” that we would accept His willful sacrifice for our sins. In other words, there was no guarantee that anyone would actually accept Him as their personal savior at the time of His offering. With the Lord’s help, my wife and I put our sons through college. We did this hoping they would not squander our sacrificial gift on their behalf. Fortunately for us, they came through. They each finished their college education and are in the marketplace successfully leading their own families. But with Jesus, His hopes have not always been fulfilled because so many have rejected His gift. But to those who have received His gift, He has given the power to become sons and daughters of the Most High because they believe in His name!


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for believing in and loving me enough to go to a cruel cross and die before I was even born so that by believing in You, I might have eternal life! Amen

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