God’s Got YOU!

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Psalm 135:14

For the Lord will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.


King David failed on numerous occasions in his walk of faith. But if David learned anything from his failures, it was that God knew his heart and would NEVER forsake him. In the end, he understood that no matter the consequences of sin, God would in time vindicate His people and show compassion for His ministers.


Make no mistake, there are indeed consequences for our sinful actions. My father used to say, “Son, for every kick there is a kickback!” It really is the “Law of the Harvest.” But in no way does this alter God’s unfailing love and compassion for any of us. His Grace is all encompassing. God can even turn bad things around for our good. Why? Because in our weakness His strength is made known by His Grace. Use caution in turning to others in your greatest times of failure. So often those we think to be our friends are actually pleased when we fail. Worse than that, they appear to be on a permanent holiday and can’t be found when we need them most. BUT! … Our precious Lord Jesus, will not turn a deaf ear or appear to be out of town when we call on Him. NO! He will show us compassion and in time will even vindicate us. So be encouraged today … “God’s Got YOU!”


Dear Jesus,

I thank You that You love me in spite of my failures. Not only that, but You actually turn my failures around for Your glory. I’m happy that … “You’ve Got ME!” Amen

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