God Loves Leaders Too

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Leviticus 4:22a

When a leader sins …


Leviticus is a part of the Jewish Torah that details sins and how one makes atonement for the particular sin he or she has committed. The priest was always involved, and some sins meant execution. But for everyone the law was clear, and the consequences were also clear. This passage considered the LEADER who sinned unintentionally.


Sometimes it’s true that because a leader is elevated in some capacity above others, he or she tends to be judged more harshly. The idea here is that “They should have known better, plus we looked up to them, and they got certain perks that others never did, and they went ahead and sinned anyway.” Then the hammer gets dropped. But it’s also true that all of us have feet of clay. We were born into a sinful world and with a personal condition known as a “sin nature.” Yes, leaders should know better. But this scriptural case is dealing with a leader who sins unintentionally. There was no intentional thought about how he or she could get away with it. I know through the years there have been inappropriate words I’ve said to someone. Yes, it was a sin, and it hurt the person, but it was in no way intentional. So what now? “God Loves LEADERS Too!” In the Old Testament, there was a way out (keep reading the text); but there’s a way out in the New Testament as well (Mark 11:24). No one is beyond making a mistake. And just as He forgives others, “God Loves LEADERS Too.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m thankful this AM that You love us all no matter the level of social influence or lack thereof. Thank You for loving me. Amen

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