God Intended It For Good

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Genesis 50:20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.


When Joseph and the whole clan returned from the land of Canaan, where they had buried their father Jacob, his brothers fell at his feet and said, “We are now your slaves,” fearing that he would kill them since dad was now dead. Joseph said, “You wanted to harm me, but God Intended It For GOOD!”


It’s the man or woman who can keep their head in the middle of the most nightmarish of storms that is elevated in the end. Such is the case with Joseph. Seldom in the Bible is one man more mistreated by members of his own biological family than was Joseph. Yet Joseph kept a level head at every turn during his ghastly ordeal. In the end, when his brothers were sure he’d now get them back, he said, “It was never about just you or me, it was about saving many (most likely hundreds of thousands) lives.” I love when he says, “God Intended It For Good.” Think about your own present ordeal. You could blame your boss, or an abusive spouse, or children who have turned their back on you, and make it all about you. Or, like Joseph, maybe right now you could say, “Jesus, elevate my viewpoint. Help me get the picture from 40,000 feet.” If you can get that elevated look, perhaps this AM you, like Joseph, could say, “God Intended It For Good!”


Dear Jesus,

I need that elevated view this AM. Let me soar high to at least 40,000 feet and look down on my predicament. Even as I’m praying, I’m believing “God Intended It For Good!” Amen

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