Forgotten And Now Waiting

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Genesis 40:23

The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.


You may remember the background to this story, that Joseph had been charged with a crime he had not committed and was in prison. Two men from Pharaoh’s court, the baker and the cupbearer, were also in prison and they had dreams and came to Joseph to interpret them. He did, and what he said came to pass. When the cupbearer entered back into the Pharaoh’s court he totally forgot Joseph and what he had done for him.


This is a story of a man who was “Forgotten And Now Waiting.” The Bible states in Genesis 41:1 that Joseph WAITED two more years in that prison until the cupbearer remembered to tell Pharaoh about him. Yes, he got out and he became great and he became known through the ages. But that usually doesn’t happen to we the masses. What is important is that when those times of being “Forgotten And Now Waiting” happen, we remember that our loving Savior will never forget us, and that in time this time will pass. I can only witness to the fact that my times have always passed and today Jesus is with me. He’s with you as well. Hold On! Your prison will open up to your destiny soon.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m thankful that in all of my times, when I felt like I was forgotten and waiting for the next thing, You have never ever forgotten me. Thank You! Amen

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