Forgive For Forgiveness’ Sake

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Mark 11:25

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.


Here Jesus said that if you are seeking forgiveness from your Heavenly Father, make sure there’s nothing in your heart that you may be holding against someone who has done you wrong. In other words, “Forgive For Forgiveness’ Sake.”


There’s another unique observation that I need to make here. The previous verse says, “Whatever you desire when you pray believe that you receive it and you will have it.” Isn’t it amazing that the following verse is on forgiveness? I’ve always believed that verse 25 is the answer to verse 24. In other words, God will grant is our desires when He knows that He can fully trust us to manage our miracles with humility. How can the Lord give us answered prayers if we haven’t forgiven someone who has offended us? People who live offended will misuse the miracle God wants to bring them. Believe God with a pure heart in prayer and the miracle happens. If you believe God with an offended heart, first go and forgive the person, make it right, and the miracle is forthcoming. In other words, “Forgive For Forgiveness’ Sake!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m asking You to keep my heart pure. Show me anything that I may be holding against someone who has wronged me, and I’m ready to make it right. Forgiveness is always heaven’s way. Amen

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