Finding Favor In The Worst Of Times

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Exodus 11:3

The Lord made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and Moses himself was highly regarded in Egypt by Pharaoh’s officials and by the people.


At the height of the ten plagues being dispensed from heaven upon the people of Egypt, the scripture says the people of Egypt were highly respectful of Moses and the people of Israel. Even Pharaoh’s executives knew that Moses was different from anyone they had ever encountered before.


Here is the story of several million slaves and their leader “Finding Favor in the Worst of Times.” The people the Israelis found favor from were the very people who had been oppressing them for 400 years. The Egyptians were awakened to the fact that these people weren’t ordinary slaves. In fact, these people were the chosen of God. I want you to know this AM that you also are the chosen of God. Your season of oppression and despair is coming to an end. I believe you are coming into your very destiny. By that, I mean you are going to experience “Finding Favor in the Worst of Times.” Don’t walk away from this short devo today thinking there is no truth to this. Instead, by faith grab what I’m saying, believe, and say to the Lord, “I believe Jesus, help my unbelief.”


Dear Jesus,

This passage is not just for a group of people living thousands of years ago. This word is for us today. I’m thankful it’s for ME today as well! Amen

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