Even When We’re Not

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Exodus 15:3a

The Lord is a warrior.


This great line is part of the song of Moses and his sister Miriam when the Israelites had walked across on dry land while the Lord had held back the waters of the Red Sea on either side. Once through to the other side, the Lord released the waters onto the Egyptian army that was chasing the people of God and they were destroyed. The joy that came on Moses and Miriam caused them to say, “The Lord Is A Warrior.”


The Lord is a warrior, “Even When We’re Not!” Think about the people of Israel. They were in a terrible place. They were only a few nights out of Egypt’s bondage. They were probably tired from running, and when they stopped at the Red Sea they saw the Egyptians had marshaled their army and were in hot pursuit of them. They began to grumble to Moses and asked him why God had taken them out of Egypt. They were in no condition to fight. And worse yet, they were probably scared. The enemy usually attacks us at our most vulnerable moments. Yet God is always a warrior. He split the Red Sea and the Israelites walked across on dry ground. Then the Egyptians came in after them, and once the entire army was in the Red Sea, God released the waters and the waters drowned all of the Egyptian army. I believe this AM that just like Israel, whatever has been after you today, the Lord is about to deliver you out of the hands of your enemy. Because the Lord is a warrior, “Even When You’re Not!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful today that You are my warrior even when I’m scared and on the run. Today I’m thankful that You are with me and You care for me. Amen

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