Even Bad Guys Want The Blessing

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Exodus 12:32

Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me.


This devo is too short to consider which one of the Pharaohs this was; however, he had certainly known of and continued the slavery of the Jewish people. He could have saved his people a lot of pain and suffering had he obeyed God in the first plague. After this man had perpetrated such injustice on the Israelites, as they were leaving, he asked of Moses, “Bless Me!” Proving that “Even Bad Guys Want The Blessing.”


Never underestimate the power of God and the influence you as a “Follower Of Jesus” are having on the very people you believe are so against you. This story is not just about a Pharaoh who was forced into submission by the hand of Almighty God. It’s also a story showing that while it was all happening, this wicked Pharaoh was truly impressed. He knew that this God he was dealing with was Almighty. Much more than any false god he had ever served or promoted in his life. This was not a God he could play with or purchase or bargain with in any way! He was dealing with the Almighty Sovereign God of the universe. He knew this to the point that, as he was hurrying the Israelites out of his country, he asked Moses to ask his God to “Bless Me.” My word this AM is simply this: don’t be quick to throw anybody under the bus, because “Even Bad Guys Want The Blessing.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You so much this AM for reminding me that people who I think can’t stand me still see me blessed by You. That makes them ready to ask for You to bless them. Help me be ready with a blessing and not a curse. Amen

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