Either You Have Seen It Or You Haven’t

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Luke 24:48

You are witnesses of these things.


After Jesus had resurrected from the grave, He met with His disciples. When they saw his hands and feet, they believed He had kept His promise. Jesus then, line by line, went over with them what he had prophesied before He had died and how it had all happened just like He said it would. Finally, He said, “You have been witnesses of these things.”


Jesus was entrusting these disciples that He had mentored for three years to carry on His work after He was gone. It was important that they remembered everything He had taught them, and it was also important that they had witnessed His prophecies coming to pass before their very eyes. He told them they had been witnesses to what He had said would happen and that they saw it happen in time. It was like Jesus after He had completely laid it out said, “Either You Have Seen It Or You Haven’t.” In the end, we can only testify to what we’ve witnessed. I trust today that you will join me in being a witness for Jesus Christ. Because “Either You’ve Seen It Or You Haven’t.”


Dear Jesus,

I can’t, and so I refuse to be a silent witness for You. I’ve witnessed so much that I can’t keep my love for You silent. I’m going to talk about it as long as I have breath. Amen

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