Don’t Be One Of Them!

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Exodus 16:27

Nevertheless, some of the people went out on the seventh day to gather it, but they found none.


This story has to do with God’s provision of Manna while the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years. Each morning, there was more Manna on the ground from the Lord. They were only allowed one bowl each for everyone in their tent because it would not last until morning. The second command was that they were to gather twice as much on the 6th day in preparation for the Sabbath. That was the only time it would keep overnight, because there was to be no gathering on the Sabbath.


As strange as this may sound, both of these laws were immediately broken by large numbers of the people. Those who kept some overnight when it wasn’t the 6th day woke up to find a putrid smell and maggots crawling in the rotted Manna. The second command was also broken immediately by people who did not collect double on the 6th day, and went out on the Sabbath to find none! I’m sure this probably only happened one time on both issues, but when I read this I always ask why? Why do people have to test God? Anytime any of “us” do, it’s “us” that get hurt in the process. Somehow, we feel like God didn’t mean it, or He was just kidding, only to wake up and find that God never lies. Let’s just take the Lord at His Word this AM. Let’s obey. In other words, “Don’t Be Like Them!”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t want to be like the folks who always have to disobey you first in order to find out if you were serious to begin with. No! I want to obey you the first time. Amen

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