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1 Chronicles 5:24b

They were brave warriors, famous men, and heads of their families. But …


In this passage, the author of Chronicles speaks of the half tribe of Manasseh. They and their brother Ephraim made up the full tribe of their father Joseph. The Bible says they had everything going for them, “BUT.”


This conjunction “BUT” ties the rest of the story together, which is what brought their demise. They were great, BUT they prostituted themselves with other gods and were unfaithful to their God, Jehovah. The Lord allowed them to be taken over by the Assyrians. They became known in time as one of the ten “lost tribes” of Israel. I often wonder what people say about me. Have you ever thought about that? Like, “Rich is a great guy, BUT” fill in the blank. As I read this passage this AM, I thought maybe it would be better if in the end they could say about me, “Rich wasn’t what I was hoping he’d be, BUT” he sure loved Jesus. In the end, no matter how great you are, there will always be someone who can top your accomplishments. BUT the best they can do is equal your love for Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

I sure do love you this AM. Help me grow more and more in my love for You, rather than strive for personal accomplishment. Amen

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