Be Ready, He Promised

S. O. A. P.

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Revelation 3:11a

I am coming soon.


This was part of John’s Revelation from the Lord while he was on the Isle of Patmos. He prophesied the words of Jesus to the seven churches of Asia Minor and to the church at Philadelphia, Jesus told them that He was coming soon.


The church at Philadelphia in Asia Minor was a faithful church. The Lord had good things to say and promise them. He did tell them to be ready because He was coming soon. This promise was made some 2,000 years ago. Was Jesus kidding? Of course not. His desire is that we all plan that His coming is momentarily, because it is. But His “momentarily” is different than our definition of the word. My grandmother would pray with me at night, and so would my mother and my father, and their prayers were always about the soon coming of the Lord and that we would be ready. “Being ready” had to do with the way we lived and talked. Our lives were lived as though Jesus could come at any minute. I want to keep living that way. He is coming soon. “Be Ready, He Promised.”


Dear Jesus,

I am awaiting Your soon return. It isn’t talked about much in my country, but I believe it and I want to be ready because “You Promised!” Amen

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