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Exodus 13:18b

The Israelites went up out of Egypt ready for battle.


As the Israelites were leaving Egypt, God did not lead the people on the shortest route because it meant they might encounter the Philistines. Instead He took them a different way that was longer because He didn’t want them to have to face physical conflict immediately. However, they did leave Egypt READY FOR BATTLE.


Whenever I’ve read this passage through the years, I’ve pondered as to how in the world as slaves the Israelites could have left Egypt ready for battle? In other words, were slaves allowed to manufacture weapons of war? Were they allowed as slaves to practice battle maneuvers? Who would have trained them in the waging of war should they fall into an unexpected battle? After all, they had been slaves for over 400 years. BUT even though we don’t know how they pulled it off to be ready for battle as slaves, we do know that they were ready. When you read this passage and see the hardships these people had toiled under for so long, you appreciate their tenacity that against all odds they had prepared for battle even as slaves! The main lesson in this passage is ALWAYS BE READY FOR BATTLE AS A JESUS FOLLOWER. Of course, the battle I speak of is in the realm of the spiritual. I only have one question this AM … “Are YOU Ready?”


Dear Jesus,

Help me stay READY at all times to fight the good fight of faith! Amen

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