Abraham, The Lying Prophet

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Genesis 20:7a

Now return the man’s wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live.


This is one of the most difficult passages in scripture to figure out. To start with, Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was a gorgeous, good looking woman in her younger days. For a second time, Abraham had moved into foreign territory and lied to the leader by saying that Sarah, his WIFE, was his SISTER instead. The first time was when they moved together into Egypt and Pharaoh had Abraham’s WIFE move in with him because Abraham had lied and said she was his SISTER (Gen. 12:10-20). Now it happened again when Abraham took his WIFE into Gerar, where a king named Abimelek ruled. Abimelek, though powerful, was a total stranger and was told that this woman was the SISTER of Abraham instead of the TRUTH. So Abimelek has Sarah move in with him. God then tells Abimelek to let them all leave and not to mistreat them because Abraham was His PROPHET!!!


In neither case was Sarah as much as touched by the Pharaoh or the king. But in the case of King Abimelek, he had a dream where God said, “You are as good as dead for bringing this man’s wife into your home.” But Abimelek asked God to spare him because he did it with a clear conscience and wasn’t aware of the truth. God did spare the King’s life, but the line that is so intriguing is, “For he is a prophet.” To think that God’s first prophet in Jewish history was a liar is unfathomable! Yet this AM, it should give us both a great deal of hope. Hope because if this great man of God was also known as “Abraham The Lying Prophet,” certainly God can use us as well.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m actually encouraged to know that the greatest, righteous leaders in history all had a minus sign somewhere in their life. I’m not happy they failed at some point, but it does give me hope that I can be forgiven as well. Amen

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