Worship Is Essential

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


1 Chronicles 25:1a

David, together with the commanders of the army, set apart some of the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres and cymbals.


King David was a singer, writer, and instrumentalist, according to the scripture. Of course, he is also known as being a warrior king and leader of men. But when it came to establishing the temple for the Lord, he made sure that a highly qualified team was set in place to lead worship unto the Lord, because “Worship Is Essential.”


We are presently living through the now-famous Covid-19 coronavirus, and none of us have any indication as to when it will be over.  Only those whom the government calls “Essential Workers” are allowed to be out of their quarantined environments and in their normal workspaces. During this time, church leaders have moved from a gathering in a building with their people in a church setting to an online (internet) experience of some sort. It’s quite easy for me as a pastor to preach my weekly content into a video camera, but it’s quite another thing to bring our worship team together. Our mayor gave us permission to meet based upon a certain number of people that would be present, and proper spacing rules that we guaranteed would be in place. Recently, the team met again, and it took twelve and a half hours to video nine worship songs! By working our way through technical challenges and praying, the worship experience was and will continually be captured until we are live again. Because “Worship Is Essential.”


Dear Jesus,

I long to worship You. It is my desire to praise You and to worship You. You alone are worthy of my praise. For it is You who reached Your loving hands in my direction and rescued me from death unto eternal life. Amen

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