Hang On His Words

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Luke 19:48

Yet they could not find any way to do it, because all the people hung on his words.


These are the words of Luke, the writer of the third gospel that bears his name. He said the local chief priests and teachers of the law were looking for ways to kill Jesus, but they couldn’t do it. The reason they couldn’t find a way to kill Him was because the people literally were hanging on the words of Jesus.


We’re living in a day when people who have a word from God have a following, and those who don’t are being run over by the cultures and philosopher kings of our time. As long as a man or woman has a true word from the Lord, it will keep those who want to blot them out at bay. However, if people say they’re Christian but are just going through the motions, the time is coming when they will be silenced from even the weak spiritual pablum they’ve been dishing out. The hour in which we live is difficult! Everything that once seemed right to the average person is now being questioned and being brought to the hallowed inner courts of God’s judgment hall in heaven, and I’m afraid we are being found wanting. When spiritual leadership for any nation takes time to “Hang On His Words,” the people we proclaim His words to will be so mesmerized they won’t have time for an insurrection. My friend, today it is time to “Hang On His Words.”


Dear Jesus,

Today I will listen and HANG on Your words to my heart. I know if I don’t, another kind of hanging may be on the way. Amen

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