The Benefits Of Serving Well

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1 Timothy 3:13

Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus.


St. Paul had just directed Timothy in the choosing of deacons for a local church. The position of a deacon, like other positions within a local church, have benefits that go beyond financial gain. Here St. Paul said, “The Benefits of Serving Well” in a local church gives a person good standing in his or her local community as well as great assurance that their faith in Jesus is not in vain.


Think of those you know in your neighborhood or apartment building who do nothing. I’m talking about nothing. Other than perhaps go to work and pull a paycheck, they do nothing in the local work of the Lord. Let’s say they’re not Christian at all, and still, they do nothing whatsoever in the community. How are they thought of? Well, the truth is they’re not thought of. Whereas a man or woman of God, who is non-judgmental yet seeks to serve, is a great benefit to their community. In fact, they are thought well of in that same community. They are adding to and not subtracting from their fellow citizens. I can also tell you, that kind of a believer lays their head on their pillow at night, knowing that their faith in Jesus is secure. What more could a person want in this life? Those are just some of “The Benefits of Serving Well.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM it is my desire to serve in Your church. I don’t care what it is, as long as You lead me. I’m yours. I want to be a blessing. Amen

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